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Bua Setswana Course

This course is aimed at beginners who want to learn to speak Setswana. The course aims to help students achieve a basic mastery of Setswana to allow them to communicate their basic needs and serve as a foundation on which to build their language skills.

The course is based on information from Nthati Phetlhu (Gaborone, Botswana)

Before starting, students should refer to the notes on Pronunciation

It is strongly recommended that the student learns by speaking with Batswana speakers at the earliest opportunity.


  1. greetings, useful phrases
  2. introducing yourself
  3. verbs - present tense including verbs "to have" and "to be"
  4. location including nouns ending in –ng
  5. simple sentences and linking words
  6. noun classes
  7. verbs - past tense
  8. times of day
  9. verb objects and conjunctives (joining words)
  10. possessives
  11. verbs - future tense
  12. verbs - past continuous tense
  13. numbers , days of the week
  14. human body , tribes
  15. adjectives
  16. comparatives
  17. shopping
  18. adverbs
  19. relative construct
  20. kinship terms
  21. demonstratives
  22. imperatives
  23. getting around
  24. climate

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